The Greyhound Inn, Cotehill

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3 days to go !! marquee up floor down chairs & tables in ! and this is our fab JCB bar - thanks to Scott JCB Carlisle - we will be serving  Tirril...
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10 days to go - all beer ordered from 7 different breweries - its gonna be a battle of the counties !! Lancashire - Cumbria - Yorkshire & Scottish...
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STU`S QUIZ - Friday 8th Sept

Stu`s quiz is back ! he`s had a month to recover and do his gardening - so should be a challenging 1 !! Get your brains in gear - we start at 9ish - m...
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Bank Holiday Weekend

BT Sport  -  Saturday 5.30 pm- Man Utd v Leicester    2 Real Ales on this weekend - Grasmere Gold from Tirril and Lord of The Glen from Hart Brewery i...
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Quiz & Play Your Cards Right

This Sunday 30th July at 9pm - Tiff`s Quiz - cash prizes then Play Your cards right with £130 in the pot !! Come and have a go anyone can win it !!!!
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